Monday, 9 June 2008

6min Album Megamix - Yours For Free!

Hi folks, there's a 6 minute album megamix on the site at the moment that you can download for nowt - it features all the tracks from my forthcoming long player - I say forthcoming, I actually mean next week - Disastro is out next week!

To download the megamix, just click here

Here's the album sleeve if you've not seen it;

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Rajah J said...

Do you have a paypal link or similar for those of us who got the full album from our mates and want to give you money?

I already have the music now, I figure if I sent you $8 or whatever via paypal,it would be more than your iTunes cut, right? Plus I don't use iTunes.

You should put a big paypal link on your home page and accept money from people.